Solving Google Analytics 4 API Quota Issue

A couple of weeks ago Google announced that its quota limits for Google Analytics 4 API calls would be enforced in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio). This has led to mass breakages of Looker Studio dashboards and visualizations. 

The main culprit is that standard GA4 accounts are limited to 10 concurrent requests. Many visualizations and dashboards use multiple requests and serve multiple users. This severely limits both the content that can be displayed and the number of users that can simultaneously view a dashboard with GA4 direct connections. There are also separate token quotas per hour and per day, but those seem to be less of an issue.

The goto solution that users will find is to set up a direct feed from GA4 to BigQuery. Unfortunately, this requires some technical knowledge and support to get the data cleanly into Looker Studio. Third party connectors and aggregation platforms, like Conversionomics, can solve these issues with minimal setup and no code.

Conversionomics is a cloud based data aggregation platform that lets you connect disparate sources of data into a single source of truth. It already leverages Google’s cloud infrastructure, including BigQuery, and directly connects to both Google Analytics and Looker Studio. Sign up for a Free Trial Today and see what the platform can do for you and your business!

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