Creating a Data Studio Connector

Connect Conversionomics to Google Data Studio

The Conversionomics community connector is the easiest way for Conversionomics users to build Data Studio reports with their data. Users can create Data Studio Data Sources based on any Source or Query to filter their reporting data.

To setup the Conversionomics connector to Google Data Studio, follow these steps:

  1. In Google Data Studio, Create > Data Source (Note: this can also be done from a report: Add Data > Connect to Data)
  2. Scroll to the “Partner Connectors” section and search for “Conversionomics” connector.
  3. When prompted, authenticate with the Conversionomics credentials you use to access the Conversionomics Application.
  4. Select the Organization the user belongs to.
  5. Choose Data Source Type: Sources or Query.
  6. Check the generated schema
  7. Click Connect / Add

Video How to Install

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