Exporting to Facebook Audiences

Note: This article is a continuation of Creating a Facebook Audiences Export. If you have not created the export, then please click the link first.

Receiving Data

In order to send data from Conversionomics to Facebook Audiences, you must first login to your facebook business account.

From there, navigate to the 'Events Manager' page.

Then access the 'Data Sources' tab, and select the data source you wish to export the data to.

Go to the settings tab for the selected source. In the 'Sharing' section, press the 'Share with an ad account' button.

In the page that opens, select the 'Assign ad Accounts' button, which will launch a popup.

In the popup, you can assign and set Auto-Tracking for any desired Ad Account(s). This will allow the account to track performance from the event set.

Benefit of Using Audiences

Using audiences will give you access to a few tools that will help enhance your analytical stats and reach a wider audience.

Specific Targeting uses a strict set of parameters to find the best people to display your ad to.

Broad Targeting is useful for finding potential demographics that might be interested in your brand.

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