Creating an Automation Track

Creating a Track

To create a Track, go to the Automation menu, and select the New Track button. It will open Track Wizard to configure each aspect of a Track, one at a time.

Root Node(s)

Select root nodes type and root nodes.

For example, if a Track starts from Exports, select "from Exports" in the dropdown, then select desired Exports from the list.

Exclude Nodes 

This step is optional. If connected nodes, for example a Lookup Source, should not be loaded during the Track run, then it should be selected here.

Setup Schedule

Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Hourly interval. Set the timing of the schedule as described previously.

Save Track

Preview the Track nodes. They are the Sources, Queries, and Exports that will run at the scheduled interval.

The user can enter a Track name or update the Track name later.

Once Track setup is complete, click "Save."

The created Track will appear in the list on the Automation homepage for the project. Information about the track, and the ability to manually run it at will, is available via the three-button control on the right side of the screen.

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