Creating a Snowflake Connection

In order to pull data from the Snowflake API, you must first create a connection. This will grant Conversionomics the authentication it needs to access the API.

To create a connection, first navigate to the desired organization, press your profile icon in the top right of the page, and click  Connections.

Once you are in the Connections page, press the + New Connection button.

In the popup, select Snowflake for the connection type and press continue.
You will then be shown the connection configuration popup.

From here, you will need to fill out each of the following inputs:

  • Connection Name: The name you wish to give the connection
  • Account: Your Snowflake account. Can be found by following these steps
  • Username: The Snowflake user you wish to link the connection to
  • Password: The password associated to the selected Username
  • Database: Name of your database that is connected with your Snowflake account
  • Schema: Name of your schema that belongs to the selected Database
  • User Role (optional): Roles that determine what objects within the Snowflake API that the connection will have access to
  • Warehouse (optional): The warehouse that is used to perform operations on the objects in the selected Schema

Once everything has been filled out, press Save and your connection will be created.

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