Refresh source today data in a Track

Refresh Today data Setting

If the Source's data was included yesterday, Track will skip loading that Source by default. When this setting is enabled, Track will load the source multiple times to refresh today's data.

For example, a Facebook Source has data from February 11 to August 1, and today is August 14:

  1. In the first Track run of the day, the Source will append with the date range up to yesterday: August 2 - August 13.
  2. In the second run, with Source's refresh today data enabled, the Source will append with today's date range: August 14 - August 14.
  3. In all later runs of the day, the Source always appends with today's date range: August 14 - August 14. Before appending, it will delete the previously loaded today data.

Refresh today's data setting only applies with Source with appending load (full reload Sources will have no effect).

To avoid appending today's data multiple times, which can lead to duplicating today's data, Track will refresh today's data with look back date = 1. So Source's date field will be required to clean up data correctly.

Refresh today's data only for date range Sources whose data pulling always includes a start and end date. For example, a Facebook Source. 

This setting doesn't apply for non-date range Sources like email, lookup, big query, ...

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