User Dashboard

The User Dashboard is where you can set tiles that display Projects and Queries that you have favorited.

To access the user dashboard, click the Net-Conversion logo in the top left of the screen.
You should be redirected to this page.

If you do not see this page, then please navigate to the "Projects" page and press this button.

Once you are at the Dashboard, you will be able to create tiles that will display projects/queries that you have favorited.

Clicking the empty tile will display the "Select Tile" window.

From here, you can choose to create a Tile that will either display your favorited projects or queries.

Favorite Projects

This tile will display all of the projects that you have favorited. Selecting a project in the tile will direct you to the sources page for that project. You can also press 'View all Projects" if the project you need to access is not in the list.

Favorite Queries

This tile will display the queries that you have favorited. First you must select which project you wish to view, then the tile will display all of the favorited queries from within that project. Selecting a query in the list will direct you to that query.

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