Using the Alerts Tool

The Alerts Tool

This tool is a direct extension of the KPI tool. The purpose of alerts is to keep you notified of any changes that may occur in your KPI. Alerts are triggered either on a set schedule or whenever a linked KPI is updating. If one of your KPI's is underperforming, then Alerts will send a notification to a designated email or user. This tool will become invaluable if there are a large number of KPI's that need to be monitored.

Creating an Alert

  1. Navigate to the 'Insights' tab and click 'Alerts'. From here press 'New Alert' and name it.
  2. Once the Alert has been created, select wether you want the alert to run when the KPI is updated or on a set schedule. 
  3. Set how you would like to receive the alerts. 
  4. Set the logic for how the alert is triggered. The conditions can include multiple KPI's.
  5. Save the alert.

Congratulations, you now know how to set up your own Alerts!

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