Creating a Metric

The Metric Tool

This tool is great for visualizing data within your sources and queries. By selecting a metric, you will be able to monitor its performance over any period of time. The tool even gives the ability to create your own metric with the 'Calculated Expression' feature.

Creating a Metric

To create a Metric, you must first navigate to the Insights menu option from within the top navigation.

Then click the '+ New' button to create a new Metric.

Choose Metric and select the next button

Enter Name and click the 'Create' button

You will be redirected to your new Metric

First off, select a source or query and choose whether you would like to Track Single Metric or Use Calculated Field

Next, choose the Metric you wish to track, the Aggregate function to apply to the Metric, and the Date Field to map the metric to.

Turning on the Filtering switch will open up the Filtering Conditions feature. Here you can create conditional statements that will limit the data coming in to only what you wish to see.

Once the Metric is set up, click the Update Preview button to display your data within a chart and table. The preview must be updated after making any adjustments to the page.

Finally, save the Metric and it should be ready to go.

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