Creating a Source Template

A Source Template is a helpful tool that allows you to save the configuration of a source. Then you can use this config to create other sources with the same settings. Thus speeding up the process of creating similar sources.

In order to create a new template, you must first find the source you wish to use as a template. Then, either in the source list page or the source's page, open the three-dot menu on the right side of the page.

Once you open the menu select the "Save as template" option. A popup should appear.

In the popup, you must enter a name for the template and press "CONTINUE". This will create the template.

To access the template, navigate to the Sources page and select the "Templates" tab.

You will be able to see all created Templates here.

Clicking the template will redirect you to the original source that was used to create it.
In order to create a new source using a template, you must open the three dot menu on the right and select the "Create Source" option.

In the popup that appears, enter the name for the new source, and select which project the source will be saved in.

Finally, pressing "CONTINUE" will create and redirect you to the new source, with the configuration set to match the template.

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