Creating an Amazon S3 Export

To start, navigate to the project you wish to create the export in. Once there, select the 'Exports' tab in the top bar.

From here, press the "New Export" button.Enter a name for the source and select the type "Amazon S3", then press continue in the bottom right of the popup.

You will then be redirected to the export configuration page. Which consists of three different sections that must be completed.

The first section is where you select the source or query that you would like to export.

In the second section, you must select the columns you would like to export. Leaving this section blank will result in all columns being included.

After selecting the columns, you have the option to apply filters to further limit the date that will be exported.

In the third section, you will need to select the connection that will be used to link the export with your A3 storage. Then the bucket where the data will be sent to must be selected. Finally the name you wish to give the file must be filled out.

If 'Use Wild Cards' is selected, the name of the file will include a timestamp on every export. This allows multiple files to be stored instead of overwriting the same file every time the export is run.

Once the configuration is complete, save the Export and it will be ready to run.

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