Connecting Conversionomics Source to DataStudio

Connecting Conversionomics to DataStudio

You can easily connect Conversionomics to DataStudio without having to actually do anything within Conversionomics. 

To get started, create a data source in DataStudio. Login to DataStudio ( and select the "Create" button, or choose "Blank Report" 

You can choose to create either a Report, a Data Source or an Explorer. In our case, we are creating a Data Source so we will select "Data Source"

This screen should pop up, you can select where your source is coming from; in our scenario, we are connecting the Data Source to Big Query so we will select "Big Query"

Look for your project, Dataset and Table; 

in our case, we are using "Conversionomics 4" as the Project, "Testing_Environment" as the Dataset and "ecomm_datastudio_demo" as the Table and to save it, select "Connect"

Make sure everything is correct. 

- If you need to edit the Field, select the three-dotted drop down button

- If you need to add a field, select "ADD A FIELD" plus sign button on the top right corner

- If you need to edit Type, select the upside down drop down triangle 

To save the file click "Explore"

After clicking the "Explore" button, it will send you to the screen below. 

Congratulations! You've successfully connected your data source (Big Query) to Data Studio. Here you can add graphs, tables, make edits, etc. 

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