Creating a Google Ads Upload Click Conversions Export

To start, navigate to the project you wish to create the export in. Once there, select the 'Exports' tab in the top bar.

From here, press the "New Export" button.

Enter a name for the source and select the type "Google Ads Upload Click Conversions", then press continue in the bottom right of the popup.

You will then be redirected to the export configuration page. Which consists of three different sections that must be completed.

The first section is where you select the source or query that you would like to export

In the second section, you must select fields from your source and assign an alias to them. There are two alias's marked in red that are required to create the export.

At the bottom of the second section is where you can set up a filter. This will help limit the data being sent in the export to only what you want to include.

Finally, the third section contains many fields that must be filled out.

  1. Connection: How conversionomics connects with the export
  2. Account: The parent account you wish to send the data to.
  3. Child Account: The child account within the parent (Can also select the parent account)
  4. Conversion Actions: The resource action to be associated with the conversion
  5. Time Zones: The time zone that the data will be synced with.

Once all of these sections have been completed, press the "Save" button in the bottom right of the page and the export will be ready to run.

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