Exporting to an External Database

Choose your connection to the database

Type in the name of the table for the export. 

If you'd like to have it exported automatically, you can adjust the "auto run" settings to send daily, weekly, or monthly.

After you've configured your export, you can run the export manually to send your data to your external database.

After you start exporting data, you'll see a dashboard with information about your export.

a) You'll see info about the last load, the size of the data, and your auto-run settings.

b) You can always change your configuration by clicking the "settings" button.

c) Click the "Run Export" button to manually execute the export process and export your data to your external database.

d) This is the "configuration preview" bar that shows you at-a-glance how you've configured this export.

e) This is a list of all your exports, automatic and manual. You'll see the status, the name of the export, the type (source or query), when it was uploaded, and the number of rows.

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