Coerce a string date field within a source to date type

When you are loading a source you can manually make it so dates that come in a string format are coerced to use a date format.  This will relieve the need to make any transformation within a query.
1. A source which contains a column called "date" with a text value that represents a date.
2. If we go to the schema configuration by clicking the orange Settings button we can confirm it is a string type field.
3. Although the field is a String type, the value represents a Date. A coercion to Date can be done.  Choose the checkbox

Choose the checkbox to the left of field you wan to coerce, the desired Type. and check the Coerce checkbox.

Click Save
4. Run the source by clicking the orange Add Data button and choosing the overwrite option.
5. After the source load is completed, now the value is stored a Date type.
6. By using the newly modified source within a query, Date conversion is no longer needed.

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