Manage and Automate Sources

Manage Sources

You can see the Sources you have already connected to your project on the Sources home screen. The list of sources is organized by Source types - Google Ads sources will be grouped together, CSV files are group together, and so on.  

Under the name of each source you can see more details about it, including the number of rows, file size, and when it was last updated. On the right, you can:

  • See whether the source is auto loaded and how frequently
  • Click the Label icon to create and add labels for your sources
  • Use the three-dot menu to Copy, Edit, Share, or Delete a source.

You can also use the Search field at the top to look for data sources by Keyword, Type or Label (if you have created labels)

Share Sources

We’ve enabled Shared sources to support when you want to use the same data across projects. By design, each source is isolated so its integrity is not compromised.  When an email source is copied, it automatically receives a new email address.

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