Creating a Verizon DSP Source

On the home Conversionomics page, you will see a screen with all of your projects; select the project you will be working on. If you need to create a new project, select the orange button that says "New Project" and follow the instructions 

Once you select the project you want to work on, you will see a similar screen as shown below. Select the orange button that says " + New Source"

After selecting the orange button that says " + New Source" you should see this screen.

After selecting "Verizon DSP" and naming the source, the source will be created and you will be redirected to the source's configuration page.

From here, select the connection you would like to use to connect the the Verizon DSP platform. Then select the Seat license to give the source authorization to access the platform.

Next, select the advertisers you would like to pull data from (if desired) and list the metrics and dimension that will be included in the source.

Finally select the timezone you would like to use, as well as the type of currency and what time interval you would like your data grouped.

This section uses Having Specs, which are logical equations, to filter down the data you wish to pull into the source.

Look back days can be set to reload data for a set number of days on every load.

Once the configuration has been saved, the source is ready to load data.

Additional Information can be found within the official Verizon DSP Documentation

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