Query Builder update

Enhanced Query Builder with new features

1. Expand Header Row

Allow to edit multiple Table Map Columns at once.

2. Add Blank Column

One click to create new table map column. It can be combined with Expand Header Row to quickly setup multiple table map columns.

3. Clone cell configuration

Right click a cell to clone it's configuration to other cells in the same column, same row or custom selected ones.

Select multiple table map cells using Command or Shift key to clone configuration to

4. Field update

Simpler field edit form

Double click a cell to change its configuration

Dedicated, larger editor for sql expression

5. Pagination of columns

Quickly scroll a number of columns at a time or scroll to end/beginning

6. Open field list - View Input Schema

View schema of inputs, scroll to column which refer to input mapping field.

7. Inline edit query name

8. Inline edit column name
9. Undo / Redo

10. Default values

Set default values for empty cells belong to STRING or INTEGER/FLOAT columns.

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