Using the Schema Editor

What's a Schema?

The schema is a tool for sources that determines the order and data type of the headers.

To access a source's schema, you must do the following:

  1. Navigate to the source you wish to view
  2. Press the settings button to open up the configuration page
  3. Select the 'Schema' tab at the top of the popup

You will then see this screen.

From here the source can be set to either automatically detect the schema of the data you are uploading, or be set manually by the user.

There are multiple tools available in this page:

  • Manual: Allows the schema to be created/altered manually if checked. Schema is created automatically otherwise
  • Name: Name of the header field
  • Type: The data type of the column (ie. STRING, INTEGER, etc.)
  • Coerce: Force the incoming values to match the data type selected when checked. If a value cannot be converted, it will be replaced with null
  • Hash: Allows the data within a filed to be encrypted. There are two different hash methods available:
    1. Hash and Preserve: Create a new column with the encrypted values while keeping the original column
    2. Hash and remove: Creates a new encrypted column, and then delete the original column
  • Mode: Decides what mode the field will be. There are thee modes to choose from:
    1. NULLABLE: Rows in the field can have empty values
    2. REQUIRED: All rows in the field must have a value
    3. REPEATED: Allows for the use of nested fields

Once the schema is set up, press save and it will be used for the next run.

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