ODBC Setup Instructions - Macintosh

1.  Download/Install the SImba ODBC Driver

When you try to install you will get this error message

Navigate to the Security and Privacy section in Mac Settings and click Open Anyways

2.  Download/Install the ODBC Manager

3.  Create a service account within your Google Cloud Platform console for the project id that you want to query from

Click Create Service Account

Enter Service account name and copy the service account ID for later step

Click Create

Click Done

Click 3 dots and Manage Keys then click Add Key button to Create New Key

Choose JSON and click Create button

Click Close

4.  Grab the downloaded the .json file and copy to the following folder

Open Finder and navigate to the Downloads folder and copy the file

Press Command + Spacebar and type /Library

Click on Library folder highlighted in screenshot and navigate to the ODBC folder

Paste the file and close the Library folder

5.  Configure the ODBC Manager

Navigate to the System DNS tab and click Add

Choose Simba ODBC Driver for Google BigQuery installed previously

Enter Data Source Name (DSN) - Conx and Description - Conversionomics

Add the following Keywords and Values being sure to click enter after each


OAuthMechanism - 0

Email - (example) - your-service-act-name@YOUR-PROJECT-ID.iam.gserviceaccount.com

KeyFilePath - /Library/ODBC/YOUR-PROJECT-ID-XXXXXXXXXXXX.json (*JSON file previously downloaded)

Dataset - Your Dataset name (name of your dataset)

Click OK

6.  Open a new Blank Workbook in Excel

Navigate to Data tab and click Get External Data/New Database Query

Click From Database

Navigate to System DNS and choose Conx that was setup and configured in ODBC Manager and click Test then Ok leaving username and password empty as this is a service account

Click OK as the connection was tested successfully

Now proceed to click the OK button and query the desired dataset

Again leave the username and password blank as this is a service account and not needed and click OK

Expand the Google and Project Name to highlight your dataset which will populate the query or you can modify then click Run green triangle

When results come back click the Return Data to Excel button next to the Run button in top right

Choose your option of Existing Sheet, New Sheet or Pivot Table


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